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A Service That Works — PayForEssay.Net Review 2019

What is Pay For Essay? This refers to the online academic services offered to students to help them with their homework and assignments. This review for will help both existing and potential clients understand how the company works for them. More specifically, it will look at what the company offers and how students can benefit from using their services.

In the decade-plus years that the company has been in operation, thousands of students have been assisted with their assignments. The company is no stranger to humble beginnings. Over a decade ago, the then-fledgling outfit was comprised of a group of talented students. They were driven to help students handle their dissertations. The years that passed allowed this prolific team of writers to gain experience and grow into the company they are today. More experts from all over, committed to offering academic assistance, joined in to deal with the ever-growing clientele base they had to contend with.

Does work? Well, the over 200,000 students who have received their quality services can attest to that. My review makes me one of the thousands of satisfied customers. The student life often had me pressed with urgent assignments I needed to submit. This, coupled with the fact that I had to work part-time, made me worry about my school performance. I scoured the web looking for assistance. After going through reviews on PayForEssay, I decided to give them a chance.

The biggest plus I got from using their services was the fact that I could rely on their assurance on the quality they deliver. The paper quality I got notwithstanding; I was able to:

  • An expert writer pulled from the over 3500 they have in their arsenal.

  • A plagiarism-free paper that was written from scratch then checked twice for any instances of plagiarism and grammatical errors.

  • On-time delivery of my assignment. Their statistics of having about 60% of orders they have delivered ahead of time came through in my case. They are also available to accept urgent orders when I had my usual last-minute assignments to get done.

  • A support team that was available 24/7 for prompt resolutions of any issues I had. The options I had with me to reach them was also very impressive. I could opt for a Live Chat or email conversation. The Customer Support hotline gave me more confidence in knowing that I could easily call them whenever I needed to.

  • No one found out that I used their service. I found it terrific that I could rely on their guarantee of 100% anonymity.

Pay For Essay Review-Designed To Work For You

My first glance at their homepage gave me access to numerous services off the bat. The user interface is by far the friendliest I have come across. Access to help was just as easy as clicking the order now button. This saved me time from going through their website to find out where and how I would need to place an order. For me, my urgent assignment could be taken care of with just a few mouse clicks.

Getting access to the customer support services was also a breeze. I was relieved to see that I could message their staff in one click of their message us button. They assisted me as a service provider that values their clients’ input. I find this particularly comforting to know that the customer service is always available to hear my compliments and grievances.

This user-friendliness of their website is complemented by the accessibility offered. Besides being able to place an order or calculate the approximate amount the paper is worth, this option is accessible right from their homepage. I did not even have to scroll. Pressing the “Menu” button reveals the many types of assignments they can work on. This list is comprehensive. I was able to quickly get the classification of the type of assignment I needed to be done. I was glad to know that I could be very specific about the work I wanted to be done. Through their site, my work would reach the right professional writer for the job.

What stood out, however, was their feature that enabled me to calculate how much getting my paper done would cost me. As a student, financial constraints tend to hinder my options of getting paid assistance for my assignments. Through this calculator they have, I was able to know exactly how much it would cost for the assignment I wanted to be done. I could easily and quickly know how to plan my budget for the help I wanted.

All Assignment Types: PayForEssay Services

In my search for a competent homework assistant, I was concerned about whether my choice of a service provider could really deliver the type of paper I wanted. The skepticism here was out of consideration for my education level. I felt that the type of assignment I needed help on might be too advanced for just any homework assistant. The available Pay For Essay Reviews convinced me to put all those fears to rest.

Just from their homepage, I was able to see their numerous offerings that include:

  • Coursework

  • Dissertation

  • Case Study

  • Research Proposal

  • Research Paper writing

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Lab Report

  • Math Problem

  • College Paper

  • Proofreading Services

  • Movie Review and plenty of others.

Having access to so many types of tasks that they can do meant that I could even bring my other assignments to them. Being a student means having to contend with many assignments. To maintain your performance in school, you would have to develop writing skills that should give you the right grades in whatever assignment type you have. Their wide range of services meant that whatever task I could throw at them; they will most certainly deliver. Best of all, I did not need to scroll anywhere to gain access to their comprehensive services. With them, any student is covered.

The Simple Ordering Process

After just a click of their “Order Now” button, I was quickly taken to the very simple order form. My worries about getting my paper done right disappeared on seeing that all the instructions I wanted to leave for my paper could be captured from filling just one form. There’s PayForEssay review on the order process is summarized in a few straightforward steps. Once you have clicked either the “Order Now” or “Place an order” button, just follow these steps.

  • Select the subject your assignment is under.

  • Choose your level of education.

  • Indicate the type of work you want to be done.

  • Pick the style that your order should use.

  • Decide on the number of pages you want.

  • You can select how many resources you would like to get cited.

  • Decide on the deadline of the task you are giving them.

  • Pick the language you want it written in.

  • You can have the topic selected or leave it to the experts to decide.

  • You can add further instructions for your paper.

  • If you have worked with them before, they allow you to select your preferred writer through their Writer ID.

  • Attachments can also be added if further instructions are necessary.

  • Finally, you just input your contact information for how you would want to receive communication on your order.

Before this process is complete, customers are given the option of using Pay For Essay coupon codes. If you have one, you can get some discount depending on the PayForEssay coupon you have.

The Proven Academic Writers

Pay For Essay writing is done by qualified professionals who have the qualifications to back that up. The writers they have onboard have Masters degrees covering over 35 disciplines between them. This versatility allowed them to have the right person available to handle my work well. These postgraduate writers all have at least one year of writing experience. They draw from this wealth of experience to deliver quality every time.

My question “is legit” received a very satisfactory answer when I discovered their hiring process of new writers. For me, it is not enough to have writers with the right qualifications. In my search for credible services, I always felt that creating quality content went beyond having the degrees to prove your abilities.

The company collects information on the would-be applicants first. They are then given writing tests to gauge their English. This test is timed only to get the ones that could work best under pressure. Their essay writing skills are then tested in a similar timed manner to ensure that they can produce high-quality content in a limited amount of time. Finally, before a writer is allowed to join their ranks, the documents presented are first verified.

PayForEssay Prices Review – Affordability Guaranteed

As a student, price considerations are always essential whenever I need to pay for services. The prices are hinged on the education level, urgency, and length of the work to be done. The type of assignment also affects their pricing. I found their rates to be affordable for my student pockets.

If you assume that your deadline comes up in 20 days, then you can have a high school paper done for just $14 for a single page. A college paper goes for $17 a page while an undergraduate one is just two dollars more at $19 for each page. If you are a master or Ph. D. student, your paper with the same deadline would cost you $24 and $26 for each page respectively. I found these to be unbeatable rates and soon, whenever I got an assignment to do, I just sent it over to them to avoid that last-minute rush.

I often struggled with last-minute submissions of my paper. The prices they offered me for the urgent orders I needed to be completed were quite student-friendly. They will meet your 3-hour deadline at $36 a page for high school assignments — a Ph. D student would have their order delivered for $47 a page.

Their Guarantee of Original Papers

Before I chose to work with the company, I had to ask myself PayForEssay is it reliable? This is mainly owing to my fears of getting plagiarized content delivered to me. I do not need to state how much originality is key in any school assignment submission. Thus, I felt it necessary to have a plagiarism report developed from the paper I would have done.

The company has its writers compose each new paper from scratch to ensure originality. Moreover, they employ the use of a plagiarism checker on every paper their writers produce. Pay For Essay reviews each paper before it reaches their clients to guarantee 95% originality in all of them. The best thing about this is that you do not have to take their word for it. They are ready and willing to provide a plagiarism report to anyone who requests it. I, of course, chose this option just to see it for myself.

They indeed kept their promise and my paper’s rating was well above their guarantee. I had always struggled with originality in my work, especially when it came to more technical subjects. Their services were able to ensure that my work was always original.

Pay For Essay Support You Can Rely On

The customer service excels at communication with the customers. I found this aspect of their service appealing. I wondered how I could receive notifications of how my order is progressing if I used an online academic writer to help me. I needed the communication not only to see how my paper is coming along but also to have some control over how the paper is written.

I feared that working with professionals might have me cede some control of what goes into my paper. Through their support services, I got notifications and messages informing me of the progress. Also, I was able to initiate communication on my end. They allowed me to access my writer and query about the progress of my paper while they wrote it.

Their reliable support services were available to me via enough communication channels. I could choose between having the messages sent via email or even text messaging. Their live chat feature also made it easy for me to initiate communication whenever I was online. Having their hotline number available also served to assure me that they were available for me whatever time I required them. This was an added advantage to me.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Pay For Essay legit services are praised in the customer feedback they have. You can access testimonials available on your site and read them for yourself. I personally had to check out the reviews before I decided to use their services. On their website, you can check out the reviews panel to see what the clients are saying about this wonderful company.

The rating given by users attests to the brilliant service the company provides. The PayForEssay rating on Trustpilot is 4.3 out of 5 while on Sitejabber it is an impressive 4.72 out of 5. When you compare that to the 4.67 ratings they have on their own site, it is easy to see why they are market leaders.

A Guarantee on Revisions

The allure of working with professionals on assignments you have offers some security in the quality of paper you have delivered. However, there are cases where the quality although being there, you might feel that the paper is not quite complete. Wondering is PayForEssay reliable to be available for revisions was a major concern for me. It could be that the paper does not quite reflect the vision you had for it. This is common in cases where there would be some sort of verbal defense for your paper.

It is crucial always to get the work you believe in. This is only possible via revision to further sculpt the content in the image you want to present. The company has a guarantee to do your revision for free to up to two weeks since they submitted it to you. In academic institutions, revisions are usually allowed from 2-4 weeks after you have submitted your paper. With their revision guarantee, students can rest easy knowing that if their professor wants something added or edited, they can still rely on the expert writer to do this for them. Plus, this comes at no extra cost to the client. Their free revision guarantee offers room to students to have their perfect paper ready at no extra charges.

A Proven 100% Anonymity Guarantee

I found myself thinking is Pay For Essay trustworthy? Another fear I harbored when I was online looking for a homework helper was if I would get found out. To me, getting help with my homework is a private affair. The risk of word getting out is usually increased when service providers are careless with my personal information. Things like my name, email address, and phone number are private and can be used to figure out my identity.

The company gave me a confidentiality guarantee that I could remain incognito as I employ their services. They take my privacy seriously, and they ensured that none of my private data fell into any third-party hands. This guarantee extended to even the particular writers handling my assignments. None of them was ever privy to my personal data.

In them, I found a service provider that I could use but not be found out. My payment details are another way that my personal information could fall into the wrong hands. They treated this with the same confidentiality guarantee that they accorded my personal information. I found Pay For Essay safe to use without thinking of creating aliases to request for assistance in academic writing services.

Save Money on Orders with A Promo Code

Pay For Essay promo code is an added advantage too students who are looking to save their money. You can get your hands on promo codes and get financial relief on the orders you have them work on. They also have a simple redeeming procedure. All you have to do to enjoy the particular discount associated with your code is to enter it at checkout.

It is always a pleasant welcome to have that kind of assistance, especially when you are in school. I am on the look-out for any codes I could secure so that my next paper will be just a bit more affordable.

The Bonus System: Added Financial Relief on Orders

Financial incentives are always a beneficial thing when it comes to getting services. Simply boasting about affordable rates or unbeatable prices is not enough. I find it impressive if a company could show me that they value me as their client. Loyalty programs and discounts are a great way for a company to show some appreciation to their clients aside from just offering the best prices. This company has mastered the art of keeping their clients through the various programs that they run to incentivize their services further.

Pay For Essay discounts are available to new customers. When I get my first order done, I was surprised to have a discount available to me under being a first-time client. The 10% discount was very welcomed since, at the time, things were tight financially. Then again, things are always tight as a student. That is why such bonuses and programs are crucial.

Returning clients are awarded points on the subsequent orders they have. The same points can be redeemed to up to 9 months since you started accumulating them. This makes it easy to get a PayForEssay discount code as well. Clients can enjoy discounts that could come up to 5% of their total order cost if they continue using the services.

Reliable and Safe Payment Methods

The Pay For Essay reliable services are only paid for using established means. Whenever you require services from the internet, payment is often done via the internet as well. This, according to me, usually opens up doors to fraudulent scams. Besides the risks, I also need to account for my own expenditure as a student. This includes having accountable receipts for the services I have received from any provider. The budgeting part of student life is important. Not only must you make sure that you are getting affordable services, but that there are no risks involved.

I have to mention the safe payment methods employed in this PayForEssay review. The online service accepts their payments via Visa, Discover, MasterCard cards. These are credible and established payment providers to ensure that not only your information but your money as well, is safe whenever you use their services.

I have always feared to pay for services online due to these risks. Some academic writing services do not have such safe options if you decide on their service. I remember through numerous sites to find the ones that could not only accept payment but do it through methods I personally trust.

Refund Policies You Can Trust

Getting your money back if you are not satisfied with the services is an essential policy for any service provider to have. A company should always strive to protect its client from having to pay for services they might not seem was worth paying for, to begin with. You may hear about a scam but it happens when refund policies are not properly understood.

As a student, knowing that with a good service is always guaranteed is not enough. I need to home some assurance that if my paper was not done to my standards, I could get my money back. Their site allows me to get a refund for my order during a 14-day period if my paper was about 20 pages or less. If my order exceeded this page count, my refund would be guaranteed in 30 days. This timeline is applied from when you received your order by your designated writer.

The only exception to this policy is only time-based. That is, if your paper had instances of plagiarism, you can get an extension for the refund to up to 180 days of receiving it. I feel that with the company, my best interests are given priority.

Place Your Order Now to Check the Quality

They say experience is the only true teacher and, in this case, you should try out their services. Do not go through more PayForEssay reviews; order your paper now, and see what they can do for you.

Their promise of reliable support, coupled with their focus on delivering quality makes them the ideal company to help you with your homework woes. I found that I could depend on their writers to handle my tasks for me. They have always delivered to me a high-quality paper regardless of the complexity it had. The paper was also original and submitted on time. This company addresses my stress of pressing deadlines and the affordability of such services. I am confident about meeting my deadlines and maintaining top performances at school due to their excellent services.

They are my service provider of choice for whatever type of assignment I have. In the times when I feel I can do an assignment on my own, I can also rely on their proficient writers to help me with improving it. They can edit, rewrite, proofread, and format my work for me. I can depend on their set of expert eyes to improve my own work. Place your order today and get high-quality assistance as well.